Distractions in your healthcare facility can impact so much more than just the time it takes to complete a task. Your medical employees and the patients under their care can also be affected when these concerns turn from distractions to unsafe conditions. It’s important that you limit these potentially harmful distractions in your healthcare facility. Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

Create a no-interruption zone.

In order to manage the small interruptions, consider creating a space in your healthcare facility that is specifically designed to keep those interruptions out. In this zone, if someone is working with in the space, they cannot be approached. This will give your healthcare professionals a chance to focus solely on the task at hand and complete it efficiently and effectively.

Provide continued staff education.

Distractions are often caused by a lack of attention to detail. And this lack of attention is often caused because people become complacent in what it is they know about their own jobs. Continued education about protocol, safety, and procedure will help keep everyone on track and hold them accountable for their actions.

Use pre-determined checklists.

Many of your employees are visual learners. It can help them to have something to turn to when they complete their daily tasks. This will allow them to follow the procedure specifically without missing steps. Having a checklist that is easy to follow will help everyone stay on track.

Avoid cell phones and devices.

It may help for you to have a policy about cell phones and other personal devices in the workplace. Digital devices are one of the main causes of distraction for employees. While having access to a phone for important calls isn’t the problem, the near constant use of them for checking social media and other uses has become a problem. Create a policy to help keep usage in check.

Gather all supplies necessary.

Another way to avoid distractions is to encourage your team to collect all of their supplies ahead of tackling any specific task on the floor. By forcing them to think through the steps ahead of time and gathering the supplies necessary, you create a workplace culture that values procedure and limits distractions.

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