When you started in your position in a medical office or hospital, you may have always had the idea that you intend to advance. And since it’s considered bad form to ask for a promotion at the start, when is the right time? It isn’t so much as the question of when as how to show your manager you’re ready for a promotion, and that’s something you can start with right out the gate. Here are tips to help you demonstrate your growth and readiness for a promotion in healthcare.

Be solutions oriented.


To be frank, there are plenty of people who are good at what they do. That’s not the remarkable part. To be considered for a promotion, you also need to demonstrate that you can keep a clear head, make strong decisions, and provide solutions to the problems that come up.

Learn to delegate tasks.


Another management skill that’s necessary to develop before a promotion is delegation. Don’t wait until a promotion is on the table to demonstrate this ability. When your healthcare employer sees that you are able to delegate tasks to people who can handle them, they know you are a great management candidate.

Maintain a strong work ethic.


Of course, a promotion won’t come along if you don’t have a good work ethic that matches the overall values of your organization. How you work is as important as the outcome of your work. If you interact with patients, make sure that you are doing that to the very best of your ability. If you’re in the office, the same advice applies.

Share your success.


Humility is also a strong quality for a good leader. Don’t hog the glory when something goes well. Share your success with the others around you that helped to make everything happen. Being humble about your accomplishments is not the same as not sharing them, it just demonstrates that you know this doesn’t happen in isolation.

Create a plan for your goals.


Finally, know what you want. An employer is far more likely to give a promotion to someone who is actively seeking one. As long as you continue to make a good impression with your day to day job, develop a plan for where you would like to see your career go and work toward it. When possible, let your managers know that this is something you want to see happen for your career.

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