Every year, you prepare for your employee performance evaluations. Now that we’re into February, you’re probably thinking more about tax season than anything else, but maybe you’ve missed a couple of performance discussions with your staff. How often are you conducting these performance evaluations? If you only talk to your team once a year or your answer is “never,” you may need to make some changes to your process. Here are some things to think about for conducting performance evaluations with your medical staff.

Take a look back at last year.


Before you go into a meeting with your employee, you need to evaluate all of the important aspects of the last year. Look at the employee’s accomplishments and create a list of things you can give them praise for in the meeting. These will give you a starting point to share successes. You will likely have some constructive criticism too, but positive feedback will go a long way.

Consider an improvement plan.


Not everything from the past year will have had a positive outcome. You may have a variety of personalities to deal with, and each will react to their mistakes differently. So it’s important that you don’t approach everyone in the same accusatory manner. Discuss what could have been better and have a plan in place to help them improve.

Consider their future goals.


Do you know each employee’s goals for their career? A lot will depend on their role in the organization, from clinical to office and beyond. If you believe your employee can handle more responsibilities, talk to them about what they want to achieve in the coming year. You want to team to be proactive and ask for what they want, so create a culture where this is possible.

Accept their feedback.


Finally, it’s important to make this performance evaluation a two-way street. You want to encourage your team members to share their thoughts and ideas with you as well. And, you need to take their suggestions to heart and make changes in management as necessary. This will be an essential part to maintaining a good team and continue to improve as a healthcare manager.

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