As we start to wind down the year, many managers are thinking about the ways they recognize the contributions of their employees. Have you considered that for your healthcare team? What ways do you show your employees appreciation on the job? Gratitude is contagious and by creating a program that acknowledges the contributions of your staff, you’ll find overall performance and attitude approving across the board. If you need to think about new ways to improve your employee experience, let’s take a look at why employee recognition is so important for productivity.

It reinforces overall goals.

When you share success with your team, it reinforces the overall goals of the organization and for individuals. If your staff doesn’t feel like you want to invest in them as individuals, they are less likely to work with you to reach the ultimate goals. Be sure to align your recognition with the ultimate goals for the year or the department.

It helps managers with performance ratings.

By providing recognition to your staff as they reach goals, achievements, or other performance markets, it helps managers create milestones for long-term performance ratings. Without these markers, it can be difficult to recognize how someone has performed in their role.

Be fair but not expected.

To provide employee recognition you should also keep fairness in mind for all of your employees. Make sure you are providing the same level of recognition for everyone if they are able to achieve their goals. However, you should also create programs that add a sense of the unexpected so your team doesn’t begin to feel entitled to these rewards and it is surprising.

Say thank you all the time.

Of course, recognition isn’t just about fancy awards, titles, or money. There are multiple studies that show when employees are regularly thanked by their managers, they consistently perform better. Gratitude is also contagious, so if you thank your team for the regular course of the day they are more likely to be grateful for one another as well.

Do you want to create an employee recognition program to help your healthcare team succeed in 2018? Contact Fortus Healthcare Resources to learn more today.

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