Turnover can be a problem for any industry, but in nursing, it affects everything from the chain of command to patient experience. As a manager, how can you reduce nurse turnover in your facility or clinic? Before you make any major policy changes, consider just a few things you can do right now to make your place of employment a desirable environment for your nursing staff. Let’s take a look at just 4 things that can make a huge difference for your nursing staff.

Focus on employee development.

One of the biggest reasons employees leave jobs is because they feel stuck in a rut in their role. Management can focus on continued employee development and training to ensure that everyone feels that they are working toward further goals. Continued education is an important part of a nursing career, so providing avenues to pursue it will keep your staff engaged.

Develop mentorship programs.

When a seasoned employee leaves your facility, they take years of cumulative experience and knowledge. Don’t lose that. By creating a mentorship program, you can pair newer and veteran employees together to learn from one another. Your newer employees can teach more experienced nurses the newest technology while the staff who may be gearing up for retirement can pass on their skills and knowledge.

Pay attention to staffing ratios.

How many patients is each nurse responsible for during their shift. Some facilities are discovering that when they lessen the overall workload, their nursing staff is more relaxed, less inclined to make mistakes, and able to provide quality care to their patients. If you sense that your nursing staff is disgruntled, consider adding nurses to improve the ratios.

Make your staff feel valued.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons any employee leaves a position is because they don’t feel as though their contribution is valued. Management can take nurses for granted, but this is exactly the reason they may leave the organization. Be sure to recognize quality work, offer help for stress management, and reward their positive contributions to your facility.

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