Many people think it’s not possible to have a travel nursing career and a family. But many travel nurses live this lifestyle with small children, so it is quite possible. But how can you do it and what are some of the considerations that you may need to make? Before you decide you simply can’t do it or before you jump in headlong without a plan, consider these tips for being a travel nurse with kids.

Pack carefully

If you’re traveling with young children, one of the tricks is to practice minimalism. You need to prioritize what you pack. There will be essentials, but there are also things people consider essential for children that may not be. Remember that for everything you take with you, you need to have transport and storage solutions.

Consider the drive

Little kids can’t always handle long road trips. Think carefully about where you’re going, when, and how. It might be a case where you take longer between assignments so that road trips can be broken up into smaller chunks. Or you may take assignments that are closer to one another.

Choose a location

However, there are other considerations when it comes to the location for your travel nurse job. What about schools? Depending on the age of your kids, they may need additional resources. What about your spouse’s work? Will they need to find a job in the new area? Or maybe you want to be a short distance from family to help you out when necessary.

Determine housing

Single travel nurses have a lot of possible options when it comes to housing, but when a family you might need to make additional consideration. For example, you may want a home with more indoor space, outdoor space, and proximity to other young families. An apartment may not be as attractive an idea when you’re living with small children. You may also want to consider your neighbors.

Research resources

Before you accept your next travel nurse job as a parent, consider the resources you’ll need to make this possible. Research the city where you may be placed. Talk to the local schools to find out about the programs for your children’s age groups. Talk to the hospital about medical care. Find out about community services, like religious facilities or organizations that match your personal values so you can have a support system.

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