You’re looking for a superstar. And sometimes, these candidates rise to the top. But over time, many of the answers provided by potential employees can start to feel, look, and sound the same. How do you differentiate? Before you make a decision, consider these criteria to determine the top candidates for your next medical office job. Here are just a few things to look for.

Are they effective communicators?

Communication is essential for any role, so it is no surprise that this should be a top indicator of a candidate’s value. How have they communicated throughout the process? How responsive were they when you reached out to set up the interview? How do they communicate over the phone? What is their body language when speaking in person?

Do they have a positive attitude?

Another important factor is positivity. Attitude is contagious, which is true for both positive and negative behaviors. You should be hiring someone with a positive attitude who is willing to get their hands dirty, be solutions oriented, and a good role model for other employees, both old and new.

How do they work well with others?

Speaking of working with others, in a medical environment teamwork is essential. You can review their previous employment experiences and determine how they have worked with a team. Talk to them about how they interact with others. Also, observe how they interact with others in your department if you introduce them.

How do they achieve their goals?

This is best determined with behavioral interview questions. These questions posit specific instances where your candidate has needed to apply their skills to their job. For instance, you may ask, “Tell me about your proudest accomplishment in your career.” This will prompt them to share how they achieve their goals. Ask them how they determine and set goals as well.

How do they think on their feet?

Behavioral questions have another purpose, too. You want to see how someone reacts when they’re not expecting the question. Proactive and reactive behaviors are common and hard to avoid in a medical environment, so you need to see how they think on their feet when they don’t see a situation coming. Ask them about how they’ve handled these types of scenarios in the past.

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