As the manager, it’s up to you to set the right example for communication in your department. But how do you improve your communications skills to encourage the right environment for your team? If you are able to effectively communicate, you can build better relationships which will then positively affect all other aspects of their day to day duties both with patients and behind the scenes. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

Don’t only rely on technology.

We live in a world where communication through email and texting is prevalent, but that doesn’t mean you should be only reliant on those forms. When you’re communicating with your employees, make sure you take some time to do so face to face. Check in with them, call short meetings, or pick up the phone once in a while.

Inform your staff at all stages.

Your team wants to know what’s going on and far too often they’re kept in the dark regarding large decisions. Keep your team informed of your processes along the way. This will allow them to feel confident that you are making choices that are in their best interest.

Bet a better listener.

Communication skills aren’t just about your ability to talk to someone else. Listening is equally as important. When an employee approaches you regarding a situation, make sure you are really listening, not just listening to respond. When they are done, recap what they’ve told you so they know you’ve understood.

Take action when necessary.

Listening is only part of the process too. If an employee comes to you with a concern, make sure that you are taking the appropriate action. If you don’t take concerns seriously, you will only breed an environment where your team doesn’t feel they are heard or understood.

Be someone they want to talk to.

Of course, all of this is only possible if you’re approachable. Make sure you’re creating a workplace where your team feels comfortable talking with you. Don’t let them dread meetings. Your attitude and personal interaction skills will be as important as your actions when it comes to good communication.

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