As a hiring manager for your healthcare department, your single job is to hire the best person for each and every role. Facilities use a variety of methods to screen and evaluate candidates, including skills testing and psychological evaluations. But no matter how hard you try, bad hires happen. While there isn’t a single fool-proof method for hiring, there are some things you can do as the hiring manager to make the best and most informed decision. Here are some things to consider.

Build a personal relationship

If the position is clinical, you probably now that personality will be a huge part of their job. They must get along with other staff as well as patients. But they should also get along with you. If there is no sense that you genuinely like the person on the other side of the desk, it may well be a red-flag that should inform your hiring decision. Get to know the whole person by asking appropriate questions about their motivations, goals, and interests.

Look outside the box

Sure, your new employee has to have certain qualifications, and even certifications, to be considered for your open healthcare job. But, hiring outside the box might benefit you in other ways. Someone who is a non-traditional employee, such as a career changer, demonstrates adaptability. Someone with a background different that your other employees can have additional knowledge to bring to the table. Hire the best all-around person for the job, not just the person with specific skills.

Look toward the future

You also want to make sure you’re hiring someone who is willing to be with your organization for the long haul. Someone just looking for a stepping stone won’t give you the employee loyalty you’re looking for. They will never entirely buy into their career with your facility. You want someone who isn’t stubbornly set in their ways or someone who is expecting a promotion in 6 months.

Expand your networks

The truth is, you aren’t going to be able to find all the right employees the same way you found all of your other employees. Diversity in your hiring process helps you tap into new resources and expand your networks. Develop a relationship with a specialized staffing partner, who can source candidates through a variety of channels and present to you the best options for your hiring needs.

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