Whether you work in a clinical environment or in the back office, your productivity depends on your ability to organize your work and manage your time. When you’re looking at everything you have to do every day, how can you even begin to imagine better methods or systems to complete your work in a timely fashion? And what about crisis mode and other unforeseen situations? Start with these 5 tips to better organize your day and the rest can fall easily into place.

Plan with purpose

Far too often, we approach each day with a come-what-may attitude. And while you may not be able to plan for every eventuality, not planning at all can cause more problems overall. Take time each day to plan your work for the next day. Take time on Friday to plan your following week. Know the most important things you need to tackle so you can make sure you’re not missing anything.

Expect interruptions

Of course, interruptions happen in any environment. And that is especially true for healthcare regardless of which side of the business you’re in. But when planning the time it takes to complete a task, plan for the interruptions that can affect how long you will work on any individual project. Pad some time in so interruptions don’t affect your ability to complete the task within your allotted time frame.

Tackle the biggest project first

Advice from many successful people includes tackling your biggest project first. Sometimes we will start with the easiest so you can feel a sense of accomplishment by crossing things off your list. But it is much easier to focus your attention on the hardest task to get it out of the way while your mind is still fresh.

Limit exposure to email

Finally, a popular tactic to organizing your day is to set aside time for emails rather than checking it every time something new comes in. It can be hard at first, but keep emails reserved for right when you arrive, right after lunch, and right before you go home for the day. People can wait for a response. If it is truly urgent, they shouldn’t rely on email to get the message across.

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