You can always improve your skills as a nurse manager. And here is a great way to start. Before your next shift, consider these 4 management tips to help you be a better leader in your medical workplace. Healthcare has many different considerations than a traditional workplace, so be sure you’re using the most effective management techniques. Here are 4 to get you started.

Ask for input.

The single best things you can do as a healthcare manager is to ask your team for input on big decisions. Your staff wants to know that their opinion matters and that they can influence policies when push comes to shove. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions. And, more importantly, take their ideas into account when creating new processes.

Set an example.

You should also be sure to lead by example. If you exhibit bad habits when working on the floor, your team will take their cues from you. Make sure that you adhere to all of the policies that your own team needs to follow. Demonstrate behaviors that are appropriate, including everything from interacting with patients to taking your own vacation days.

Coach your team.

Delegation is the sign of a good manager. Far too often managers get it in their mind that if they want something done right, they need to do it themselves. But as a manager you’re not really evaluated on your individual performance anymore, but rather the performance of your team as a whole. Pitching in when necessary is good, but you should also make sure you’re coaching your team rather than doing their work for them.

Find support.

Another often overlooked aspect of good leadership is having a good support network. You don’t have to do it alone, you can use a sounding board to help you make important decisions. Or you can learn from what others have done. Find a healthcare management mentor. Join a trade organization in your city. Support can help you be successful in your management career.

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