Have you been thinking about taking a night shift as part of your nursing career? Many people steer clear of these roles, but there is a great need for talented nurses to work after hours. What if this could be a potential career path for you. You may find it surprising, but there are benefits to working the graveyard shift in a hospital. Here are three reasons you might want to consider shifting your work as a nurse into the nighttime hours.

You can make more money

While the specifics may differ in other states and hospitals, night shift nurses do get a shift differential. This makes all the difference in the world for nurses who choose to work overnight. In fact, many nurses that go from the night to the day shift take on additional overtime just to make up the difference in their earnings. If you have the flexibility to do night shift work, it may be a great financial decision for a period of time to give you additional savings.

You won’t interact with upper management

The night shift also has the additional benefit of being a time when most of the management team is not working. There will certainly be some supervisory staff on shift, but the main management departments are at home asleep while you work. This can mean much less stress in the workplace if you’re concerned about micromanagement or disruptions. In fact, some night nurses suggest that a quieter floor with fewer family members around can also help them provide proper care.

You can work with a dedicated team

Know that when you work the night shift, you are working with a team of people who are incredibly dedicated to their work. This isn’t a slight on day shift nurses at all. They also care about their work, but the night shift can develop relationships that are different from those who work during the bustling hours of the daytime. Your team can get you through the most difficult of nights, and you can share overnight potluck meals or have that drink first thing in the morning when everyone else is guzzling coffee during their commute.

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