There are a lot of things involved in ensuring your team is productive and engaged. Have you considered your overall environment? There are many reasons the department, unit, floor, or clinic is as important as your team, tools, and knowledge. As a manager, how can you evaluate your environment and determine if it is conducive to a good working experience for your nurses? Let’s take a closer look.

A positive environment

It may not be surprising to learn that positivity helps to keep your nurses engaged and the unit running smoothly. Create a culture of positivity around your environment to help everyone stay on track. Sure, bad days are going to happen from time to time, but don’t dwell on those. Focus on keeping attitudes positive even when seriousness is critical to patient care.

Healthy alternatives

Another simple fix you can make to your unit is to provide healthy alternatives. The workplace environment is made up of the space, the interactions, and the choices. And far too often, busy nurses will turn to unhealthy choices like excess soda or coffee, cheap and quick snacks, and no sleep. Provide your team with healthy alternatives and a place to rest when they’re tired.

Stress reduction tools

Stress is also a leading cause of problems in the workplace, both for teams and individuals. And unmanaged stress can lead to further health concerns like heart disease, heart attack, or stroke. You have the power to manage stress in your unit by providing the right tools for your team to manage stressful situations and long-term stress inducers.

Teamwork oriented

Finally, make sure that you are fostering a team environment with your unit. Even the lone wolf in your department will work better if they know they have a reliable team to fall back on. When making new hiring decisions, consider how this new nurse will fit into the established team. And continue to foster teamwork initiatives at all times.

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