Are you in the market for your next healthcare job? Regardless of whether you’re looking for something in a clinical environment or in the back office, you have to pass the dreaded interview stage to make it happen. An interview can be intimidating and scary, and few people have extensive practice in the art. What are some common mistakes that medical job seekers make that can negatively influence their ability to land that next job?

Before you step into your next interview, consider these tips.

  • Be prepared.

Before you ever step foot in the interview, do your homework. It is important to know as much about the clinic or hospital as possible ahead of time. Understand the job description fully and apply it to your experience so you can better communicate why you want this job. Also, know you’re resume. You can’t hesitate when the interviewer asks you to tell them about your background.

  • Don’t be late.

Another important tip is to make sure that you’re not late for any meeting during the interviewing process. Plan your route ahead of time. Look at the traffic patterns and determine when you need to leave so you can arrive early. Plan for problems on the roadway, such as construction. If you can, take a test run to the location to see the commute first hand.

  • Ask questions.

When you’re in the interview, don’t stay silent. Be respectful, but be sure to ask questions. The interviewer wants someone who is engaged and interested in learning more, not just someone who wants to get a paycheck. Good questions include information about their patient load, the expectations in the department, or the typical hours of the job.

  • Stay positive.

Finally, be sure to keep a positive attitude throughout the process. When you allow yourself to appear desperate, it raises a red flag for the interviewer. This isn’t about needing money or stability, but about working for their organization first and foremost. Don’t speak negatively about past employers or supervisors. Keep the information relevant to you, your successes, your experience, and your desire for this job.

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