As a nursing manager, you are responsible for a lot of moving parts in your unit. And, there may be occasions where you are in charge of enforcing a new policy, procedure, or piece of technology. Employees, used to daily processes, may be resistant to this chance. It isn’t because they can’t, but because change represents something challenging. But how can you get your team to try something new?

The best advice is to lead by example. Here’s how.

  • Be understanding.

The first thing to note is that change is hard, so don’t compound their feelings by micromanaging the process. Instead, be understanding that this is going to take some time. Offer to help rather than bark orders. Ask them what they need to make it easier. And make sure that you don’t complain about the new processes or system when they’re able to hear you.

  • Don’t be defensive.

Another thing to avoid is defensive behavior. It can be easy to fall back on it when you’re angry that your team isn’t getting up to speed fast enough. If they ask questions or challenge you, take a deep breath before responding. Don’t show them your frustration and answer in a defensive manner.

  • Follow the rules.

Of course, it is also critical that you follow the very same new rules that you expect them to follow. Don’t adopt the attitude that the rules don’t apply to you simply because you hold a management position. To lead by example, you need to be on top of the new processes and procedures and show that it is important to the entire department that this is followed.

  • Get started.

Lastly, don’t wait. Get started with this new process as soon as possible. The more you stall, the more your team will take your cues. The longer you wait to implement the process, the longer it will take your staff to be on board with the new information. You’re the example, and that’s what will matter most.

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