As a manager for a medical unit, it is on your shoulders to ensure your staff works together to provide quality care each and every day. But how can you ensure that this happens when you’re handling all of the other processes involved in medical management? You can raise the bar in your unit with a few simple ideas that will catch on and help your team perform better overall. Consider adding these 3 practices to your unit.

1)Implement the right systems.

Processes and procedures are the heart and soul of your systems. If it imperative that you implement the right steps to ensure that each task is handled deliberately and with consistency across the board. But truthfully, sometimes establishing the right systems is a process of trial and error. You need to see what works in your environment. Start with a basic system to accomplish important tasks. As you see how this is managed by your team, make appropriate adjustments along the way. With each adjustment, you will begin to see the right systems fall into place to ensure quality throughout your unit.

2)Allow your team to be responsible.

The next step is to give you staff some autonomy over decision making. Give them the freedom to make important choices as long as they are willing to understand the potential consequences. Many unit managers find that this is a better system than micromanaging staff. And it gives your team a sense of ownership over their decisions making skills. Give them the proper framework to make the best decisions and allow them to do it for themselves.

3)Conduct regular assessments.

Finally, to ensure that you have the right systems in place and your team is embracing their ability to own the decision-making process, it is important to conduct regular assessments. Some units will do this once a month, others may choose once a quarter. It is good to evaluate how everything is working and give positive and corrective feedback. It is also critical to make sure that you solve any problems as they happen and not wait until the scheduled assessment.

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