Even healthcare employees aren’t immune to falling into bad health habits. If you want to improve your overall health, why not use technology to facilitate building better habits. There are tons of apps on the market today that can help you stay on track and focused. Here are our recommendations for new tech that can help you stay healthy on the job.

  • Time Out.

One of the biggest factors in burnout on the job is not taking breaks to recharge your brain and batteries. The Time Out app will actually alert you when you’ve been working for too long and encourage you to take a break. If you work at a computer, this will help you avoid painful eyestrain from staring at the digital screen for too long. Get up, get walking, get moving. Use Time Out to help you stay on track with taking short breaks throughout the day.

  • Zombies, Run!

Do you avoid exercise because you don’t find it any fun? Many people do, and that means app developers are taking gamification to the next level. Apps like Zombies, Run! Give you a scenario that helps make an exercise routine fun and exciting. This gives you an audio adventure unfolding between songs to help you keep going. There are other, similar, exercise apps that add entertainment into your routine to help you stay on track. Another popular one is Carrot Fit, a snarky app to give you all the humorous motivation that you need.

  • Desk Active.

Just because you sit behind a desk all day doesn’t mean you won’t be able to stretch or move. Desk Active reminds you to stretch at your desk by giving you exercises that are easy to do right where you are. It also has tons of other health resources to help you improve your overall health both at work and anywhere else. Many employers are embracing this tech to help their team move and stay engaged.

  • Headspace.

Health isn’t just about physical exercise or what you eat. Mental health is just as important, especially when you’re working a high-stress healthcare job. Headspace is like a personal trainer for your mind. You can select mediations that match your mood and your lifestyle and listen to them anywhere to help get you back to center and refocused on the tasks at hand.

What fitness, health, and wellness apps do you like to use? The team at Fortus Healthcare can help you today, so contact us to learn more!

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