You were a first-time travel nurse once. So, when you see a new travel nurse working their first assignment it can be easy to step in and help them out. And travel nurses do need strong mentors to help them navigate the process and understand they are not alone. But how do you know when is the right time to share your insight. If you remember your first week as a travel nurse, here are some things you can do to help others.

  • Connect socially.

The loneliest part of a travel nurse job is not the job itself. There, you’re surrounded by constant activity and probably too busy to think about anything else. But the real challenge comes at home at night. Some travel nurses love the challenge of getting to know a new set of people in a new place, but others are quiet and shy. If you see someone who looks like they need a friend, know that you’ve been there before and reach out socially.


  • Encourage communication.

You can also help by facilitating communications with the new travel nurse and others in the department. Also, make sure they know to stay in contact with their recruiter to let them know how the assignment is going. Don’t just report negative things, but share some of the good things that happen as well.


  • Provide insight.

You can also share some of your own experiences to help them know they’re not alone. Tell them about your first night in town and the embarrassing thing that happened. Make them laugh. But you can also tell them about how to work with the head of your department because you’ve already experienced the way they communicate.


  • Let them learn for themselves.

But don’t fall into the trap of coddling a new travel nurse. They are not children. They are professionals who have taken on this new assignment. You can help them, but don’t over-help them. Let them learn some things for themselves. Be there to support them, but don’t micromanage their experience.


  • Ask them for help.

Another way you can make a new travel nurse feel included is to ask them for their help along the way. They will feel encouraged and grateful that you are looking to them for their expertise and assistance when you’ve been on the job longer than they have. Include them in decisions in the department and ask them for their advice as well.

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