To be an effective healthcare manager, the art of delegation is important. But some managers feel a loss of control when they assign tasks to employees. There is a fine balance when it comes to good management techniques, avoiding micromanagement, and properly delegating tasks to your team. If you want to improve your delegation skills, consider these tips to be successful.

  • Give the task to the right person.

This may sound like a simple concept, but it isn’t always that easy. Many times, managers want to try to delegate a task to someone who should be able to complete it, but that doesn’t mean they can. Instead, choose the person based on their skills, ability, and past performance.

  • Be very clear with your instructions.

Another trap that managers sometimes fall into when delegating is not being clear enough. Don’t just communicate what you want done, but be as clear as possible with details that will help the person accomplish the task. The more information you give, the less likely you will have to go back and change or fix anything.

  • Provide all the right tools.

It is also critical that you provide all the right tools to your staff so they can accomplish their assigned tasks. If you give them a project but don’t allow them the tools they need, they won’t be able to do a job up to your standards. If there is technology that will help make the project easier and more effective, provide that.

  • Focus on the results.

When employees complain about micromanagement, what they mean is that they don’t like to be told how to do something and watched to see if they make mistakes. A good manager doesn’t focus on the process, but rather the results. If the end result of the project is what you wanted, it shouldn’t matter how the employee got there.

  • Offer praise and rewards.

Finally, never take your team for granted. If you delegate a project and it goes smoothly, thank them for their work. Provide praise, tell them what was particularly excellent about it, and share their success with the team. Do this for everyone when they accomplish a task and it will breed loyalty and engagement.

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