A positive attitude will go a long way for someone’s healthcare career. And sometimes, all they need is a positive role model on the job to help them mold their behavior into something that will work for their current job and throughout their lives. How can you make sure your team is positive and engaged with their work? Before you make any sweeping policy changes, consider these easy ways to boost the positive energy in your team.

  • Be clear about the mission.

When your team begins to falter, it is sometimes because they have lost sight of the overall mission. To be positive, make sure you uphold the company mission and also clearly communication the individual mission of each and every project. What is the ultimate goal? And how will the company benefit from their individual contributions?

  • Improve communication skills.

Sometimes, negativity creeps in when employees don’t feel that they are part of the loop. As a manager, it is your job to ensure strong and positive communications with your staff. Take time to improve your interpersonal skills as well as your ability to write clear and positive messages via email or other avenues.

  • Give your team autonomy.

A person is often happiest when they are in control over their own destiny. Avoid micromanaging a project. It only makes them feel anxious and they are more likely to make mistakes. Instead, make the project results oriented. Give them the autonomy to do the work the best way for them as long as the right goals are met in the end.

  • Provide the right resources.

Another way that your staff will feel negative about the work they’re doing is when they don’t have the right tools or technology to complete the task. There are lots of great resources at all levels, from free to real investments, which can help your team manage their tasks and improve performance. Make sure you give them what they need.

  • Be available when needed.

Finally, to really be a positive influence on your team make sure that you are accessible. While you don’t want to micromanage, you also don’t want to be an absentee boss. Instead, put yourself out there. Walk around and talk to your staff. Be available when they have questions or concerns so you can help them solve the problems in an active and positive way.

Is your team engaged and positive on the job?

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