Travel nurses have a difficult job. Not only do they need to be skilled in their specific job and specialization, but they also need to feel comfortable walking into vastly different environments on a regular basis. It can be hard to feel at home in a job where you are always the outsider. But this is something well within the control of management. You need to ensure that your travel nurses are treated well and feel engaged and welcomed on the job. Here are some of the reasons you should treat your travel nurses like gold.

  • They fill a need that isn’t available locally.

Why did you decide to go with a travel nurse for this position? Chances are, they possess a skill that is otherwise unavailable in your neck of the woods. Treating them will be important if you want them to be productive during their time working with you. This will ensure that you get top quality work from your travel nurses.

  • They will report back to their agency.

Your travel nurse will maintain constant contact with their representative from the agency that placed them. This means that whatever happens on the job, good or bad, will be shared with someone else. If your clinic or hospital gets a bad reputation with the agency, it could be difficult to get help placed with you again in the future. Know that word of mouth is very important in the medical community.

  • They offer a new perspective on the job.

Another reason travel nurses are worth their weight in gold is because of the new perspective they can offer. They may be from a different area of the country or understand technology that your facility doesn’t have yet. They can be a new pair of eyes on an old problem, which can help things get solved faster and more efficiently.

  • They are in high demand in the industry.

Travel nurses are also in great demand. Because of their skills and the relocation process, there are fewer candidates for your open position. This means you should treat your incoming travel nurse well to avoid having to replace the contract when they don’t work out. Since they are in high demand, they will be able to find another opportunity easier than you can find a replacement.

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