It may sound counter-intuitive, but not all nurses subscribe to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there is a lot about a career in nursing that can increase stress and cause unhealthy lifestyle responses, so it is imperative that employers spend time promoting positive health benefits for their staff. So how do you encourage a healthy lifestyle for your nurses? Here are just a few suggestions that can help get your team on the right track and make them safer and healthier overall.

  • Create a wellness program.

Most of your employees will really appreciate the structure. A wellness program can touch on a number of aspects from healthy eating and exercise to mental health and stress reduction. You can work with local experts, or even experts right in your own facility, to make this an added value for your employees.

  • Offer exercise options.

When most people explain why they don’t exercise often enough the number one reason is a lack of time. Nurses often work long shifts at odd hours, so they may be struggling to find just 30 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise. Offer them a way to make exercise easy. Provide gym memberships or discounts. Or offer Yoga or Tai Chi classes right tin the workplace.

  • Incentivize smoking cessation.

Smoking is a hard habit to break, and it is often a crutch used by people who lead stressful lives. And there are few careers more stressful than nursing. But everyone knows that smoking is bad for them even if they don’t have the tools to quit, so how can you do that? Provide incentives for your staff to take advantage of medically supervised smoking cessation programs.

  • Include stress management.

Whether they smoke or not, your staff is stressed. They all may exhibit it differently, but they are. Offering options to help reduce stress will be valuable for them as they learn skills to cope and stay positive. Some facilities offer quiet rooms for meditation or naps. Or you can bring in experts to help with stress reduction techniques that your team can use anytime, anywhere.

  • Avoid overworking your staff.

Finally, some of the onus is on you regarding the health and happiness of your staff. Being overworked is a leading contributor to stress, unhealthy eating, and lack of exercise. Make sure that your facility is not understaffed and provide the right amount of time off for everyone who works in your department.

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