Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Or maybe the Thanksgiving rush is leaving your office without the right coverage for the holidays. There are so many possible holiday requests throughout December that it can be overwhelming to consider everyone’s needs. Whatever holidays your team celebrates, there are better and worse ways to balance time off with the needs of your patients and their families. Here are 3 tips to help you better manage your holiday shifts and ensure that everyone is satisfied and taken care of this season.

Develop a policy in writing.

The most important thing you can do when it comes to creating a holiday policy is to put it in writing. Standardize it and include it in your employee onboarding materials and handbook. Everyone needs to be aware of the policy so they can comply with it. Without specifically stating these policies you are more likely to have employees try to take advantage of the system without even knowing what they’re doing. Consult an expert to devise an employee holiday policy that can be fair and equitable to everyone on your staff.

Rotate holiday coverage.

For the most popular holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s, create a rotating schedule. That way, the same people aren’t always getting the same days off each year. This will help make the holiday request process fairer and allow people to make the proper plans to ensure that they’re satisfied with the outcome. This also shows that you don’t play favorites or make special allowances.

Share the staff schedule.

Another idea that will help your staff understand the flexibility and equality present in the holiday schedule is to make the process transparent. When the holiday schedule is shard, rather than secret, the team can also bargain among themselves in a fair way to edit and revise the schedule in a way that works for everyone. This can also increase communication and teamwork overall when your staff will need to find solutions to their problems in the schedule together.

Are you prepared for the holiday shifts this season? Contact Fortus Healthcare Group to see how we can help you with your holiday scheduling.

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