It isn’t hard to see how you might start feeling guilty when you take time away from your job. Taking holiday, vacation, and other PTO is difficult for a lot of U.S. employees. Guilt can make you unable to be away from the office, worried about what the other medical staff needs to accomplish while you’re gone. You may also have a fear of missing out or feel as though your will be seen as replaceable if you’re not at it every day. Who else will do what it is you do. But taking time off is essential. Here are some reasons you need to stop feeling guilty and take your PTO when you need it most.

Reduce stress.

Stress is a major contributor to illness like heart disease and stroke. The stress caused by a job in the medical industry can compound this. Even while constantly surrounded by healthy values and the effects of poor health, some medical professionals don’t take time to care for their own body or mind. Time off from the job may be critical to ensuring that you maintain your health so you can perform your duties and provide the best care possible to your patients.

Increase work/life balance.

While you may live for your job, or feel like you don’t have time in your life to devote to any other endeavors, having a healthy work/life balance is also important to your overall health and satisfaction. Taking time off to pursue things for the sheer joy of it will do a lot to help balance your mood and give you a boost to return to work. Take time off to visit friends or family or to explore a new city. Take time off to do something you love like see live music or theater. Or just stay at home and enjoy what you love about your family.

Expand your mind.

You can also use this time off to expand your mind. Experts suggest that individuals who travel internationally benefit greatly from expanding their experiences beyond their own boarders. But you don’t have to book a flight to Europe or Asia to expand your horizons. Stay home and read that book you’ve been putting off. Visit a cultural or historical part of your own city.

Return refreshed.

All of this leads up to your eventual return to work. Whether it is after one day off or a 10 day vacation, the goal is for you to be refreshed and recharged to be able to return and work efficiently and effectively. Time away from the job helps you think about things in a new way and will limit the possibility of becoming burned out on your career or the individual job.

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