Our world runs on data. There is data driving everything from basic decisions to complex problems. And in the healthcare field, managing data is becoming more important than ever. After a variety of changes to the healthcare marketplace, including the ACA and electronic record keeping, hospitals and doctor’s offices have had to make massive changes to the way they collect and store data. So is it time to rethink your data management strategy. Experts believe it is. Here are some thoughts to get you started.

Consolidate your IT systems.

Some facilities are working on streamlining their IT solutions by utilizing a system that handles everything the practice or hospital needs. This can mean you lose out on some functionality when you don’t have the best possible individual solutions, but you can gain cross-functionality when every aspect of your system can easily integrate or communicate with other portions.

Use a third party tool to manage data.

Another option for some practices or hospitals is to continue to utilize each individual technology solution, assuming each one works well for the users, and add a third party data management tool to help consolidate all of the information together. It does look like a better solution than a complete IT systems overhaul, but the possibility of data issues is higher.

Create protocol for analytics.

Regardless of which system integration your facility chooses, the most important solution is regarding analytics. This is the big data that drives quality of care and profitability. Without the right information being collected, you will be hard-pressed to provide the kind of services you need. It is best, in all of these cases, to talk to an expert in medical data management.

Determine the best technology solution.

The bottom line with all of these aspects of your data management is to determine the best technology solution that works for your facility, your medical staff, care providers, and patients. Each aspect of the complicated puzzle needs to fit as neatly together as possible to provide the complete package to all of the end users.

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