Many people choose travel nursing because of the freedom and flexibility. The idea that you can live in a new place with each assignment is attractive for those who want to experience different cities and living situations. But, when you’re working full time, even the best of intentions can be put on the back burner as you decide to go back to your housing and relax. If you want more creative ways to adventure in your temporary location, here are some ideas to make travel nursing more fun.


Since the advent of social networking, there has been one prevalent tool for meeting others face-to-face in your community. connects people with similar interests for social events. Pretty much anything you can think of, you can find it on Meetup. Do you want to hike? Do you want to go on a wine tasting? Do you want to discuss social justice? Do you want to learn how to sew or knit? Search on the site for anything, and you can find a group in your new area that does it.

Talk to the locals.

Get out and meet people. Go to local bars or coffee shops and strike up conversations with those around you. If someone is sitting at the community bar, they are usually welcoming to new conversations. Ask them what you can do around town. Talk to them about opportunities to connect in the area and what their favorite things are.

Explore the downtown.

Depending on where you assignment is, you may find that there is a thriving downtown area ready for you to explore. Go during the day and see what it is like to compare to the nightlife. Explore shops, go antiquing, or find a nice café to sit in and enjoy. Take it all in to experience life like a local.

Visit the chamber of commerce.

The community may also have a chamber of commerce or a visitor’s center that can help you find attractions or entertainment in the area. Decide if you want to explore the surrounding nature or if you would rather find museums or history tours to enjoy when you have time off.

Enjoy the local parks.

Speaking of nature, every city has a park where locals gather to enjoy the weather. Whatever the season, you’ll likely find families or groups of friends enjoying the parks. Pack a picnic and bring a book to just see what the local parks have to offer. Or, go back to Meetup to see if there are any adult sports leagues, like kickball, that you can join to be social and active in the community.

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