Patient care is always the top priority for any medical professional. But how can you balance patient care, compassion, and the processes of your daily duties. It is important to keep not only the patients informed about the care they’re getting, but also their families. When facilities keep everyone in the loop, care and satisfaction are increased significantly. Here are some ways you can keep family members as happy as your patients each day on the job.

Names, not numbers.

Hospitals get busy, there is no denying that. So it is also pretty easy to understand why patients are often referred to by their room number or patient number, just to keep things straight. But when interacting with the patient and their family, it is critical that you remember you’re dealing with a person, not a number. Make the effort to say their name or introduce yourself to everyone in the room.

Be honest and communicative.

While you’re role as a care giver is to ensure that they are comfortable and treated well. The most important thing you can do is be sure to communicate every step of the process. Also, be positive but be honest. Sugar coating situations doesn’t help anyone, as long as you are willing to answer questions for the patients and their families.

Utilize a patient itinerary.

To ensure that every step of the care process is met, utilize a patient itinerary. There are software programs that can help hospitals and practices manage this process so each patient’s particular needs are met in a timely manner. This makes an easy to use checklist so you can also demonstrate how the needs are being met to the family and the patient themselves.

Answer questions or provide alternatives.

Never let a question go unanswered. When a patient or family member asks, it is because they are concerned and not getting an answer will surely make them more frustrated or even frightened. Take time to answer their questions or suggest that you will provide them alternatives to help them find the sources they need for their answers.

Use smart alarms to avoid alarm fatigue.

Patients also often complain that their call buttons or alarms go unanswered. Today, many facilities are utilizing smart alarm technology to help avoid alarm fatigue. This will ensure that you are truly caring about patients’ needs and keeping their families happy that their loved ones are receiving proper care.

Are you happy with the value you provide to patients and their families?

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