Nursing is a highly rewarding career. You have the ability to care for others every day. Your job is also in high demand, so you have plenty of career stability even as your personal situation changes. But have you considered the aspect of the industry that includes travel nursing? You can see the country and live new places on someone else’s dime. If not, you may want to think of it now. It could be your best career move depending on your lifestyle right now. Here are some of the benefits to being a travel nurse.

Working on your own terms.

When you work as a travel nurse, you are in control over your own schedule. You can determine which assignments you will take and, often, how long you will be willing to work at the new location. You can work with your representative to create a flexible schedule that gives you all of the opportunities you need and works with your lifestyle.

Earning more money.

Travel nurse positions usually pay more than a staff position. The median income for a nurse can be around $60,000 annually. But a travel nurse has the potential to make closer to $100,000 per year. This is because of the high demand, the specializations, and the requirements of the job.

Exploring new places.

Of course, you can’t discuss the job of a travel nurse without discussing the most important benefit. Traveling is the biggest perk that most travel nurses love about their jobs. They can explore new places without having to pick up and move. Spending three or six months in a new city can give you an experience that even a weeklong vacation can’t do.

Receiving additional benefits.

In conjunction with this, travel nurses will also receive some added benefits to facilitate this lifestyle. They will usually have their housing paid for and sometimes their transportation. They may also receive a daily living per-diem to pay for the cost of living in their new city.

Could travel nursing be the right career move for this stage of your life? Contact Fortus Healthcare Group to learn more about traveling positions we have available right now!

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