Now that the weather is cooling down and the holidays are quickly approaching, your staff will be looking for time off before the end of the year. Especially with Thanksgiving and a variety of winter holidays, some of these requests may overlap. So how can you schedule them to make everyone happy? You don’t have to be the bad guy. Here are some suggestions to making the most of a fall and winter vacation request rush.

Share the holiday schedule and vacation policy.

Make sure that your staff is familiar with your current vacation policy. Provide them with the list of dates that your facility observes as holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. This way, they won’t feel compelled to ask for this time off and can arrange their schedules around the holidays.

Hold them to a deadline for vacation requests.

Let your staff know that they must have their vacation schedule to you by a specific date. This way, you can review all of the requests and create a schedule that will work for everyone. Also, no one will be able to make a last minute request during the holidays.

Encourage your team to figure it out together.

Give your staff some freedom to discuss their vacation schedules with one another. You may find that they are willing to work out equitable solutions that can give everyone what they need. For instance, someone may be willing to work on Black Friday if they can have Halloween off for trick or treating.

Be as fair as you can in the distribution of days.

Once you have the requests, make sure that you give everyone a fair shot at the time they want off. It can be easy to assume that the new employee needs to work holidays for your veterans. Sometimes managers feel that employees without kids can work more holidays than their parent counterparts. This can be a mistake.

Post the schedule as early as you can.

Once you have the schedule made up, post it as early as possible so you staff can make the proper arrangements for their holidays at home or traveling elsewhere. The more time you give, the better prepared they will be and you’ll have less drama or challenges once their vacation time comes up.

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