Do you want your hospital facility to be at the cutting edge of patient care? If so, you’ll need to consider investing in some of the most up to date technology currently available. There are a variety of things that you can add to your currently robust tech solutions that would take your ability to care for patients to the next level. Here are 3 of the best tech upgrades that you should consider.

Real time locating systems.

This technology can be a real time saver, and live saver, in medical facilities. They allow all equipment to be cataloged and monitored so employees on the hospital floor always know where something is and whether or not it is in use. The ability to find and use medical equipment efficiently can make all the difference in a clinical situation. Employing this technology in your hospital will require an initial investment along with training of your staff to utilize bar codes and computer inventory systems to manage these processes.

Smart alarms.

Everyone in the medical field is familiar with alarm fatigue. Throughout a shift, false alarms happen far too frequently. So frequently, that it can be easy to avoid checking on an alarm when it feels like it may be unnecessary. This can lead to long term problems for patients who do genuinely need immediate attention. A smart alarm can reduce the risk of false alarms significantly allowing nurses and doctors to focus on providing care to those who truly need it.

Patient lifting technology.

Another big risk for nursing professionals is lifting injuries. Lifting a heavy patient, especially if they are unresponsive or combative, can lead to major medical issues with difficult recovery times. Whether or not a nurse or other employee learns proper lifting techniques, the practice isn’t always so easy. Patient lifting technology can reduce this risk and allow nursing employees to avoid these physical problems while still giving patients the care they need.

These are just a few of the new advancements in technology for medical facilities.


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