The medical industry is ever-evolving, and mostly for great reasons. Technology is improving our lives in a variety of ways from big business to personal interaction. Healthcare jobs are also seeing big changes with new tech tools. Are you up to date on the most recent changes that can help you stay current and even ahead of the curve in your career? Here are 3 big tech updates that you should educate yourself about right now.

Electronic Health Records

Nurses and other practitioners coming into the medical field today are not unfamiliar with electronic health records. Changes in the way we provide healthcare from HIPAA to the ACA have made this system mandatory throughout the industry. To stay on top of your game, it is critical that you continuously learn new ways to interact with electronic health records and still provide quality care to your patients. Take continuing education courses to increase your knowledge of the technology for the future.

Real Time Locating Systems

GPS has really changed the way we get from point A to point B. And, the technology has improved significantly over the years. Early GPS systems were clunky and often unreliable, and now everyone has a set of accurate maps on their phone that can be accessed with the tap of a finger. Did you know the same technology exists to track things specifically within the medical environment? This can help streamline a medical facility’s system to ensure that equipment is located exactly when it is needed.

Smart Alarms

Another issue that can be either a minor annoyance or dangerous scenario is hospital alarms. These alarms are intended to alert the staff that a medical emergency may be taking place, but they can often be triggered by non-emergency situations. This means that medical professionals are either responding to non-critical situations or not responding to critical ones. This can lead to a situation known as alarm fatigue. With new technologies, a facility can implement smart alarms to help manage this process and ensure everyone is getting they care they truly need.

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