Training new medical staff is one of the most important tasks a manager can undertake, but it doesn’t just have to be one-sided. Does your facility have a mentoring program in place? If not, you may want to consider implementing one for your medical staff. Why? There is a lot of evidence that demonstrates how career mentoring improves the quality of an employee’s experience in the workplace, both for the mentee and mentor. Here are three reasons why this type of program works to improve both job satisfaction and employee retention.

It Will Develop Leaders in Your Workplace

You already have a strong reliable base of employees who exemplify your mission. These are the individuals who can benefit from becoming mentors. As you bring new employees on board, assign them to work with a veteran person on your staff. This will help solidify your current employees’ status as leaders in your department and help impart their knowledge on the next generation of staff. As people continue to develop, you will see new leaders emerge over time.

It Will Retain Your Top Talent

Often, seasoned employees feel as though their jobs are threatened or being replaced when you bring on new, sometimes younger, staff members. But by creating a mentorship program you are showing that you still value your current and experienced staff members. This will also help you improve retention with new employees as they will feel accepted by the team right from the start.

It Helps Train on the Culture and Environment

Not only can your current employees impart their skills on new employees, but they can also train them to better understand the interpersonal connections and culture of the workplace. These are the things that you can’t see from a resume, or from a job description. A mentor program is about so much more than just the day to day job duties and functions, it can really help someone become integrated into the total culture of the workplace.

Do you have a mentoring program in place in your clinic or facility?

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