You got into healthcare for a variety of reasons, but helping others was probably near the top of your list. However, working with people can be frustrating, especially when they feel they know what’s best even if that feeling is misguided. But you have to maintain patience at all times to provide the best quality care you can. Here are three reasons why you matter to your patients to help you get through the tough times.

You are the Beacon of Hope

It may sound overly grand, but it is the truth. While people often approach their medical professionals with some skepticism, they also view you as the expert. While your job is not to patronize them, you can maintain a healthy optimism that can actually help your patient feel calmer and more open to the right treatments. You provide not only medical support but also emotional support. This is an important part of any healthcare practitioner’s job.

You Can Translate the Language

You can also be their personal medical dictionary. There are a lot of scary terms in medicine, many of which are not as scary if you know what the mean. But you can’t expect that a patient has access to medical terminology, so that is where you come in. You can help them better understand what it is that they are experiencing and what they should be expecting. Do it in plain English, which will help them to maintain their own emotional needs throughout the process.

You will be Their Confidant

In part, you also become someone they feel safe talking to. While there are a variety of medical professionals more qualified, such as psychologists, the last thing most people want to do is deal with one more person in their chain of care. Unless you have concerns about their safety, you can provide some comfort as someone they can talk to while they are experiencing uncertainty during the process. You don’t need to provide advice, just listen.

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