The night shift can be hard for anyone, no matter how used to the hours they are. Nights can take a toll on everyone, but it be even more difficult for someone who works both day and night schedule shifts. As a manager, how do you ensure that your staff is happy and engaged and not exhausted while they’re working? If you want to motivate your team overnight but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, here are some ideas to you can use starting today.

Organize an Exercise Group Before the Shift Starts

Being physically motivated before your shift is a good way to stay active, awake, and engaged. Managers can offer a pre-shift exercise club or class. If it is possible to do it in the hospital or facility, that is even better. Then give everyone a chance before their shift to freshen up and be ready to work.

Offer Good Food Rather Than Snacks

Another mistake many people make when working the night shift is not eating right. They will rely on snacks and late night drive-thru food for quick bursts of energy. Instead, try to offer some snacks that can be inexpensive for you and better for your team. Have fruit available and healthier carbs. Encourage your team to bring in a healthy bagged lunch.

Ensure Everyone Has Enough Water to Drink

On the same note, it is also essential that your night staff stay hydrated throughout their shift. Have bottled water available and encourage breaks throughout the day where they can access and drink water. Hydration will help everyone stay alert.

Offer Information on Healthy Sleep Cycles

Sleeping is probably the most difficult thing for those who work the night shift. If you can provide some resources that will help your team achieve better sleep outside of a normal sleep cycle, they may find themselves more engaged and ready to tackle the demands of their night shift job.

Provide Ways to Make the Shift Fun

No one wants to be serious all the time, and that is perfectly okay. Nursing and other medical jobs are can be difficult, so making it fun can help lighten the mood when it is needed. Simple things like coloring contests or to encourage each department to decorate their workspace.

Do you want to ensure that your staff is energized and healthy during their night shift?  

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