Employee onboarding has been creating a big buzz in the Human Resources community for a while. And, it is no wonder that the conversation is spreading to medical facilities and related positions. Regardless of what kind of medical position, it is critical that a company properly onboard their new employees to ensure satisfaction from all parties. So, what do you need to do to re-examine your current process and make improvements? Here are 4 things you should look at.

How the Culture Impacts New Hires

No two medical units are the same, and that is a good thing. But what makes your specific culture unique. It is important that you share these values with your new employees and teach them how to navigate and appreciate your unit’s individual culture. When there is a mismatch, this can become a problem long term.

Ways Communication Influences the First Days 

It is also important that you establish the terms of positive communication right from the start. If a new employee needs correction, address it immediately and in the most constructive way possible. Encourage them to provide feedback about their experience to you as well. This will open the lines of communication long-term.

Mentorships Strengthen Working Relationships

Assign a new employee a mentor to help them learn the ropes. The new staff member can shadow the seasoned employee to learn how their job should be performed and also learn about the day to day challenges of the job. This mentor can be someone who will continue to answer questions and help them get the right footing.

Why You Should Focus on Your Own First Impression 

Throughout the interview process, you may have been more concerned about the first impression of the new candidates, but it is also important to pay attention to the impression your organization gives as well. The onboarding process is your last chance to make a good impression, to demonstrate why you hired the individual, and encourage them to become long term, satisfied employees.

Have you looked at your onboard process recently?

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