Whether you’re working on the hospital floor or in a busy doctor’s office, you will be on your feet most of the day. Even your brief moments of sitting down are not restful for you. So have you considered the right shoes for your career in nursing? Your feet are vulnerable to many possible problems, especially with the amount of standing and walking you’ll do in a day. Here are some things to consider about your shoes.

What activity are you performing most?

Before you go to the shoe store know what you need the shoes for. For example, athletic shoes are constructed differently than the right kind of ergonomic shoes for nurses or service industry workers who are on their feet all day. Think about how you walk and what kind of structure your foot needs to be comfortable and safe.

What arch support do you need?

Not everyone’s foot is the same. Some people have very flat arches while others are higher. Depending on this information, you may need more or less support in your shoes. The lack of the right support can cause problems such as plantar fasciitis or worse.

What kind of soles do you need?

The bottom of the shoe is as important as the overall construction of it. When you’re walking on slippery, and possible wet, floors throughout the day you need to make sure that the soles of your shoes have enough grip to prevent falls in the workplace.

Should you measure your foot?

You’re a size eight, right? You’ve always been a size eight. Well, overtime these body measurements can change for a variety of physical reasons. And if your shoe doesn’t fit well, there can be dire consequences when it comes to the health of your feet. When buying new shoes, go through the entire process to determine the correct size before making a mistake.

Should you try them on?

The internet has made shoe shopping more tolerable for people who hate shoe shopping. But there is one small problem. Without the ability to try shoes on, you may be getting the wrong size or shape for your feet. Always try them on in a store. Try on both pairs and walk around. Make sure they don’t rub, they fit in the toe, and the arch is appropriate for your foot.

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