Productivity and organization go hand in hand. You probably know that staying organized while on the job is critical to your success, but did you know that your home can also be an indicator of your productivity levels while at work? Your work life and your home life are two sides of the same coin, and what happens in one place absolutely affects the other. Here are some things you can do to stay on track at home and at work.

Less Focus on What You Haven’t Done

Everyone’s done it. You spend more time at work thinking about all the things you need to get done at home. Are your kids participating in a number of activities or sports? Who will take care of dinner tonight? If the bed didn’t get made, you may fret about that rather than paying attention to the work that is happening right in front of you.

Good Scheduling Techniques

If you can schedule your home life in a positive way, you can translate those skills to the workplace. For example, how do you handle your morning before you get to work? If you’re feeling pulled in several directions, none of the things you get done will be complete. Rather, establish specific times to handle all of your needs so you can go to work more relaxed.

Uncluttered is Good for Your House and Your Mind

One of the tricks for unclutters homes is to have a place for everything and make sure it is always in its place. Hang coats up in the closet rather than throwing them over the dining room chairs. Don’t toss your mail on the counter without looking at it, have an organizer in your office or by your front door. You’ll be less likely to lose important things like shoes, homework, or car keys.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Lastly, once you feel more organized and deliberate in your life, you will find that your stress levels are lower. This will help you better deal with stressful situations as they occur at work or at home rather than constantly running in a state of stress. When you’re feeling anxious about your home being unorganized, it is no wonder that will spill over to work.

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