Experts suggest that the healthcare field is going to continue to grow in the coming years. Jobs beyond nursing and other clinical roles are becoming increasingly more important. So if you’re thinking about getting into the medical field or changing your career, what are the jobs warrant a closer look? Before you take the next step, do your research into these 5 career paths and determine which is best for your goals, personality, and skill set.

Personal Care Aide

This role is separate from that of a licensed nurse, but often some of the job duties overlap. In fact, a personal care aide is not trained as a nurse but rather as a professional caretaker. They help others with day to day activities often in a nursing home, adult day-care centers, at home, or in the hospital.

Home Health Aide

Similarly, a home health aide is trained specifically to assist individuals who want to have their medical care at home. They may be responsible for documenting and reporting the medical conditions, dressing, hygiene, and even other daily household duties. This allows someone to remain in their home rather than a facility if they need additional care.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

While sonography is most often associated with pregnancy, there are a variety of ways that this technology can help with patient care. A diagnostic medical sonographer may work in conjunction with other tools, such as x-ray, MRI, and CAT scans to help determine the cause of a patient’s illness.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Working under the management of an occupational therapist, an assistant will help patients directly with the recovery of certain life skills after surgery, accidents, or other medical conditions. They may work in dedicated occupational therapy facilities or hospitals.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Different than occupational therapy, which helps patients relearn how to perform daily tasks, physical therapy help recondition muscles or bone structure after injury or surgery. An assistant will work in direct relation to the physical therapist to help patients recover their mobility.

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