Most people think of patient care when they think of a career in nursing, but that isn’t necessarily true anymore. There are a variety of specializations that tap into nursing skills but allow individuals to be in a variety of places within the medical industry. Skills that individuals learn within a nursing context have greater reach than we ever anticipated in our new world of technology and innovation. Have you considered any of these specializations? Here are several to think about besides the traditional path.

Quality Improvement Coordinator

This role is on the administrative side of healthcare and a registered RN is necessary. The quality improvement coordinator helps improve processes for the facility through observation. Their recommendations can improve the quality of care that patients receive while in the system.

Healthcare Risk Manager

If you’re more interested in minimizing the risk and liability of the facility, a risk management position may be a good idea. This position requires high level of understand of the way a facility works. This role is useful in a hospital system to reduce the number of lawsuits brought against the practitioners.

Legal Nurse Assistant

While this role is similar to the healthcare risk manager, it is more on the legal side than the medical side. The necessary skills are the ability to review medical records and make recommendations to the legal counsel of the hospital so that lawsuits are handled effectively and with all of the correct information.

Research Study Monitor

There are many opportunities for testing facilities to work with nurses who can help monitor the study to make sure that it meets the medical recommendations and any state or federal laws. While there may be some patient contact, it is more about the need to ensure that the entire study is run smoothly.

Informatics Nurse

If you’re straddling the line between technology and healthcare, this type of position might be a good fit for you. This information technology position is what allows the nursing industry to take advantage of new tech that can help hospitals and individuals work smoothly.

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