If you’re looking for a new job you probably have polished up your resume and you’re ready to start submitting it. But what if your resume isn’t enough? In today’s job market, seekers need a little more to be able to land the job of their dreams, or even just the next step on their career path. You need to ask yourself what employers are looking for and how they go about finding candidates for their open jobs. It quickly becomes apparent that resumes aren’t the only tool they use in this process. When you’re looking for a job in healthcare, there may be some other things that can help you. Here are things you should consider.

Target Your Job Search

Blindly sending your resume to a variety of jobs may have been effective in the past, but today’s employers receive far too many to consider them all. Instead, focus your job search on two or three employers to start with and begin the process of reaching out, connecting, and submitting your information. Look for hospitals, offices, and private practices that suit your personal values.

Do Your Research

Never go into a job search without knowing exactly what you want to get out of it. There are facilities or hospitals that may not be appropriate for your specific employment needs. If you apply with these places without any expectation to get a job or keep it, you are only wasting your time and that of the potential employer.

Network in the Industry

Beyond your resume, there is nothing more important than making connections. Go to healthcare industry events and start to find out more about who you want to connect with and how you can be more effective in your job search. Connections often lead to job offers or, at least, additional connections.

Show Your Value

When you are submitting a resume, make sure that you are including your accomplishments to share your value with the potential employer. You want them to be interested enough to call you back. Demonstrate how you can help them by showcasing what you’ve done in the past.

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