Each month each of the Fortus Recruiters will nominate one of their travelers that they believe has been gone above and beyond in their field. Meet our 2nd traveler of the month’s traveler – Nina



Why did you choose this career?

I chose this career because I wanted to combine two of my favorite this in life, helping people and traveling. Traveling has been in my blood since I was born. Growing up my family took alot of trips. Then after I was married I continued with my own family.


What do you love about traveling?

I love traveling because not only do I get to see the country but I also get to meet new people who I’ve made life long friendships with.  Everyplace I’ve worked at I’ve met and stayed friends with many. I also met another fellow traveler who I consider my one of my best friends, Nikkie Wilson. My family loves my career too, especially my daughters. They love coming to visit me and all the places they get to discover.


How do you like working with Fortus Group Travel?

I absolutely LOVE working with Fortus. I feel like we are all family. Everyone has been so wonderful to me. They were so kind to me when my father in law passed away. Everyone is eager to help in anyway they can. hope to work for many more years with them.


Where is your dream place to work and travel?

My dream place to work would be Italy! I would to get that experience, and see how different their nursing would be compared to the US.


When you are not working what are you doing?

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my husband. Being a traveling nurse is not always easy on a married, but we have an amazing married. My husband and I take time alone trips to Vegas. We love Vegas! Even when I’m not traveling for work my family and I travel for fun.


Tell us something fun about yourself (family, pets, hobbies, etc…)

I’m married for almost 20 yrs, in May. I have three beautiful daughters. My oldest daughter just got accepted to the Elementary Education program. My middle daughter just started college and is going for nursing too. My youngest is a sophomore in high school. She has many things she wants to be when she graduates. We’ll have to see which one she chooses.
We have many pets four cats,  two dogs, two hamsters and one guinea pig…we have a farm 🙂


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