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Each month each of the Fortus Recruiters will nominate one of their travelers that they believe has been gone above and beyond in their field. Meet this month’s traveler – Erin S.


Name: Erin. S.

Current Position: Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Hometown: Utica, NY 


Why did you choose this career? This career chose me.  I love to work hard, I love to solve problems, I love to place myself in situations that are in need of help, and I love a challenge.


What do you love about traveling?  I enjoy working with a travel organization because it helps me fulfill what I said above about being placed where help is needed.  Nursing is chronically short-handed, creating a deficit in patients’ quality of care, as well as increasing the rate of nurse burn-out.  I am happy to be where I can be of assistance.


How do you like working with Fortus Group Travel?  Everyone at fortus has been so kind, accommodating, pleasant, and patient!  They are always willing to make themselves available, and are beyond happy to help fit my career around my life.


Where is your dream place to work and travel? Europe!  I would love to learn first-hand how nursing differs from here in the us.  European history is a guilty pleasure of mine, and what a better way to enjoy it than to be in it!?


When you are not working what are you doing?  HA!  Right now?  Working.  My husband and I have a grand plan for the near future, and we have actually been making headway, seeing the beginnings of a great life for us.  When we aren’t working though, we love to spend time in our backyard, around the fire pit, barbecuing with family and aggie our lab/hound mix.  We run the boilermaker every year, and squeeze in as much hiking and biking as we can.


Tell us something fun about yourself (family, pets, hobbies, etc…)  When I am not working as a nurse, I am working with bacteria.  I was a microbiologist before I was a nurse.  I truly love it and could not imagine leaving the field.  While I love to play in the dirt, gardening and such, I have a black thumb.  I love bird watching and making sure that they have food and water year round.  My husband and I watch the walking dead, and Vikings every week.  We love to donate to local charities, as well as the aspca and the wwf.  I am an avid recycler!!


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