Typical healthcare professionals have to wear a lot of hats. Throughout the course of a shift you may need to tend to patients, handle administrative duties, and much more. Each day can be a balancing act between very different tasks that are all top priority. The key is to not only be productive but to manage these priorities effectively and efficiently. Let’s look at some productivity hacks that you can master to save you time on your next shift.

Automate Your To-Do List

We live in the twenty-first century so it is time to embrace mobile technology and let it work for you. There are multiple apps, many for free, that can help you create a daily task list and send you reminders to help you complete your To Do list each and every day. You can easily add and remove items as they change.

Use Mobile Technology More

Productivity apps aren’t the only use for mobile technology. As a healthcare professional, you can utilize many apps that can help save you the time it takes to do your regular daily duties. There are drug reference apps, apps with the latest news in medicine, calculators, and more. Talk with other professionals to see what their favorite are.

Two-Minute Rule

Another tip that productivity experts suggest is to implement the two minute rule. This is the idea that whenever you feel your motivation slow down, you can boost your productivity by taking two minutes to dedicate your mind to your next task. This isn’t a charge to rush through your duties, but rather it helps you focus on the task at hand before you start thinking about everything else you need to do.

Stand When You Can

Nurses are on their feet all day long, so it can be tempting to sit down. But standing up actually makes you more productive than sitting. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit behind a computer all day long, so taking some time to walk or stand while you work can help get the blood flowing and your body realigned. This is especially great for someone who works in administration.

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