Not every day is going to be wonderful. Working in the medical industry is difficult and bad days can really get you down. But everyone knows you have to push through these days filled with negative feelings, anger, sadness, or self-doubt or you’ll never step foot into your workplace again. How can you do that without letting the pressures of your career get you too far down that you can’t get up again? Start by appreciating the positive days. Here’s how.

Start a Happiness Jar

A few years ago, when Oprah Winfrey was still the queen of daytime TV, gratitude journals became popular. The idea was to write down the things that you were thankful for throughout the day. The concept eventually evolved and our favorite iteration of it is the Happiness Jar. Keep a small jar on your desk. Every time something happens that makes you smile, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. It doesn’t matter how seemingly insignificant. Nothing is insignificant. At the end of the year, or whenever you’re feeling particularly down, open it and look at all the things that brought you joy.

Say Thank You

There is still a place for gratitude in your everyday life and in the workplace. Studies have actually demonstrated that people who are thankful are happier overall. So don’t forget to say thank you throughout the day to anyone who has helped you. Whether they’ve simply held the door for you or ran an errand that you couldn’t do, tell them thank you. You will start to notice that gratitude is contagious, too.

Write a Letter

When you’ve had a particularly good day, think about the people that helped make it that way. Then, at the end of your shift or after you get home, write a letter about it. If you want to, go ahead and mail it. Otherwise, just keep your letters in a notebook, like a journal, so you can go back and read them when you’re having a bad day.

Motivate Yourself

In order to start having more positive days than negative ones, consider the things that go into making a day a good one. What happens on good days? What kinds of experiences do you like? Use these to motivate yourself even when you’re having bad days. Reward yourself or give yourself a pick me up by introducing the positive motivators into your day.

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