Finding qualified medial employees has been a complex challenge for many medical businesses and facilities.

While a lot of industries look to LinkedIn or Facebook to help them find candidates, the healthcare industry is not following all of the same employment and recruiting rends. That said, you can be sure that qualified medial employees are currently looking for jobs…so how do you find them?

Here are four ways you can locate the right candidates for your open positions.

Tech Schools and Universities

Many tech schools offer associate degrees in a variety of medical applications. Or you could look at the medical programs at nearby universities. These institutions want to be able to offer their graduates tangible jobs in the healthcare fields, so they love to work with local employers to place these qualified employees. You may even be able to offer on-the-job training and establish a working relationship with the programs.

Ask Your Current Staff for Referrals

Your current team is one of the very best resources for candidates. Referrals are still  one of the leading ways medical professionals find jobs and employers find candidates. To encourage your staff to refer people to your facility, offer a referral bonus as an incentive. However, to make the program succeed, you can make the payout contingent on continued employment.

Tap into Community Resources

Contact local organizations or professional groups that have large community participation. Sometimes the best advertisement you can make is by getting involved in your local community. Or you can advertise at local religious organizations or community centers. Establish that you are an employer worth working for by becoming involved in local issues and events.

Work with a Specialized Staffing Agency

Your local staffing company has already tapped into the right networks for finding skilled workers. Partner with a service to help you find new candidates for your open jobs. They can offer both temporary to hire and direct hire solutions. A healthcare staffing service can provide long term solutions as well as help for short term or immediate needs. They can be a dedicated resources for you.

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