Did you start a new job with the New Year? If so, you may be wondering the best ways to not only manage the new job but also work with a new medical supervisor. No two people are alike and what worked for your previous boss may not work best with your current manager. Before you waste another day worrying about the right and wrong way to achieve success in your new job, here are some tips to better manage the relationships you’re building.

Write it Down

To impress your new supervisor, make sure you’re taking notes as the training goes on. This will prevent you from asking the same questions over and over again. You can refer to your notes to help you understand how processes in the facility work together. They will make an excellent reference not only in your first days but as a refresher as time goes on.

Ask Questions the Right Way

Speaking of questions, they say there are no stupid questions. While this is technically true, the way you ask them may inform the annoyance level from your supervisor. Don’t ask the same questions again and again. Refer to your notes. Don’t interrupt them when they are engrossed in an important task. Make sure you ask for clarification as they are giving you instructions so you feel more comfortable.

Get to Know Them as a Person

Your supervisor isn’t a machine. They have a life outside of work as well. To really understand how they manage best and who they are as a person, get to know them better. Ask them about their interests or their life at home. Just be careful not to cross over into inappropriate territory with these kinds of questions.

Take Initiative

Lastly, your supervisor will appreciate when you’re willing to jump into a situation and help out. Just make sure you fully understand what you are doing before you try to take on a task. Initiative is a good thing and helpful, but only if it is informed. If you try to handle something before you are ready for it, it may not end with the most positive results.

Are You Ready to Succeed in a New Job?

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