Fortus Group Travel is kicking off 2016 with our Traveler of the Month series. Each month each of the Fortus Recruiters will nominate one of their travelers that they believe has been gone above and beyond in their field.




Current Position:TRAVEL DIALYSIS R.N.

Current Location: AUSTIN TEXAS


Why did you choose this career? My primary reason when I first entered the nursing profession is to seek greener pasture. You see in my country there are thousands who are well educated and titled but can not land a job. Employment opportunity is scarce and professional growth are stunted, the best option for most of us is to seek open doors in a foreign land. The thing about it is that as I go further in pursuing my career I found that it’s not only your mind that gets invested but it gets hold of your heart as well. You suddenly find yourself in the most unexpected way crossing paths with another and in that point and moment became a part of their life. You become the one who fills the gap in their season of unwholeness. Being a dialysis nurse gives me a chance to see life in whole different perspective. You see many countries in different part of the world do not have the means to provide dialysis for people with the end-stage renal disease and even if there is an available service it’s usually very costly that the whole family will be left without a scrap to get by. The most grieving but necessary decision to take is to leave their loved ones in infirmary ward to wait out their final days. This sad truth that many people have to live with opened my eyes to see where our true blessings lie. I chose this profession because somehow in this eternal process of building the broken and mending the torn. I have been given the chance to be the builder, the repairer, he healer, a very important part no matter how small it may seem.

What do you love about traveling? I love the sense of accomplishment  it brings me..the sense of moving forward not just In locations but in life as  a whole..every new faces..every new sound..every new place..brings me in awe and wonder how big this world is and life is too short to spend it staying small and being in fear. Every travel I’ve done makes me look back and say “who knew I would get here one day”..I should know..going from battling sickness..loosing turmoil..lose money..relationships that left you..traveling is my way of saying I’m moving forward..I’m still standing despite it all..this life didn’t get the best of me and see how far God has taken’s not my end..It’s just the beginning.

 How do you like working with Fortus Group Travel? I like working with Fortus Group TRAVEL A lot..they do a great job in giving you assignments of your choice. My recruiter always responds back right away whenever I have issues that need to be resolved.They appreciate you for the hard work you do and they don’t see you like a money sign, they have a personal touch when working with you.

Where is your dream place to work and travel? My dream place to work would be U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Australia.

When you are not working what are you doing? Catch up on sleep like most healthcare professionals do. Working long hours takes a toll on you sometimes but once I catch up I like watching TV, seeing a movie, listen to music or go grocery shopping…whatever I see fit on those precious days off.

 Tell us something fun about yourself (family, pets, hobbies, etc…): I like dancing but not in the club.I like singing but no audience required.I like going to worship events – that always lifts me up – you can never go wrong with God. I like going to the beach even if I don’t swim. I like walking by shore and hearing the waves and ocean air. I like taking photos (hopefully I will get a proper camera one day). I like trying different cuisine from different culture. I like making beads jewelry and writing poems in my notebook or just some interesting quotes or words.


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