You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why?

Having the right fuel to energize your day is critical, especially after you wake up in the morning. A good breakfast can even help you maintain a healthy body weight. Before you skip breakfast and expect to have a pastry on the go, here are the four foods you should be eating every day to boost your productivity.


Not only are eggs delicious and versatile, they are also great for a protein boost in the beginning of the day. There is a lot of misinformation about the health aspects of eggs. For instance, the cholesterol is usually only an issue if you already have high cholesterol. Eggs are good for brain health. Eat them fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, or baked to start your day off right.


Fruit in general is great for your body, but researchers have discovered that bananas have exactly the right amount of glucose to kick start your brain. This perfectly packaged individual serving of fruit is great for breakfast on the go or at your kitchen table in the morning with you newspaper and coffee.


Speaking of coffee, it isn’t as harmful as everyone suggests unless you drink it in excess. A cup of black coffee will help your brain function in the morning. However, don’t allow yourself to feel the need to keep drinking it. Caffeine can quickly become a crutch if you continue to rely on it for that energy boost.


If you want to cut out some caffeine, consider replacing it with chocolate. Even a cup of hot chocolate will give you the health benefits of caffeine and antioxidants. For an even better chocolate boost, stick to dark chocolate. It will feel like you’re being decadent in the mornings, but you’re doing it for better productivity.

Orange juice

Finally, a burst of sugar isn’t always a problem, especially if you use it in moderation like caffeine. The best way to get a sugar boost in the morning to help your brain be more productive is to enjoy a glass of orange juice. Not only will you get the sugar but you will also get the vitamins that are part of the citrus fruit’s benefits.

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