We don’t want to miss out on expressing the importance of good hiring and management resources. These tips and ideas can keep your employees engaged and your patients satisfied. That is why we aim to create the best HR related content for our healthcare clients all throughout the year. The challenges faced by the medical community are different than those of other businesses, so we want to position ourselves as your partner for the most up-to-date information all year long. Before you head into the new Year, let’s take a look at what was most popular in 2015.

Maintaining Workplace Confidentiality in a Social Savvy World

In a world where internet communications have changed the way we interact with one another, it has never been more important to have policies in place regarding confidentiality, especially in clinical settings. In this post we review the use of confidentiality agreements and beyond. Other methods including continued training, not allowing cell phones on the floor, and taking action as soon as inappropriate information is discovered.

Combating Employee Turnover Within Your Workplace

Another big issues, especially in the recovering economy, is employee turnover. The job market is opening up for medical specialists of all types so employers are tasked with the best ways to keep top employees happy. Here we’ve cataloged the 4 ways we think you can combat employee turnover including hiring right the first time, offering perks, and creating a culture of trust. All of these things can help you keep your best employees engaged and loyal.

The Staggering Cost of a Bad Healthcare Hire

Another aspect of hiring that is critical is understanding the underlying cost of making a poor hiring decision. This is exactly what we mean by hiring right the first time and we explore that notion in depth in this post. We look at the overall cost, the reasons they happen, and what to look for when you’re concerned. We also give practical tips to avoid a bad hire situation all together.

Looking to Grow Your Medical Workforce in 2016?

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