Finding a job in the healthcare industry can be nerve-wracking, even during the best of times.

Whether you’re looking for travel nursing opportunities or focusing on other aspects of healthcare right here in Utica, it is critical that you’re armed with the best information to help you in your search. It is also useful to have information on what to do once you’re employed to keep yourself happy and healthy on the job. Let’s look at the top posts for our candidates in 2015.

4 Tips for Name-Dropping When Looking for a Job

In this popular post we reevaluate the idea that it isn’t what you know but who you know. Everyone’s been told that networking is essential for finding a job, but how exactly do you make it work. We discuss the best ways to mention that you have mutual connections to increase your chances of success. We talk about managing your expectations, when to mention the name, who to talk about, and asking your connections for referrals.

Setting 30/60/90 Day Goals When Starting a New Medical Job

When you start a new job, how can you gauge whether or not you’re succeeding? We recommend that all new employees come up with 30, 60, and 90 day goals to help them determine what they’re learning and what they need to focus on. In the first month we suggest getting to know your coworkers and the company culture. In the second, you can set more long term goals. And for your 90-day review you can use your manager’s feedback to make more improvements moving forward.

Now Is a Good Time to Update Your Resume

The resume, of course, is another essential component to a successful job search. Very early in the year we talked about the ways you could update your resume to improve your results for 2015. These ideas are timeless, however, and now is a good time to review them again for next year. Look at the data that supports your accomplishments, the obstacles you’ve overcome, any promotions you’ve received, and achievements in continued education that can help round out your qualifications.

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